Flux Atlas Presentation

Over the years of research, ups and faults, we proud to present our new flagship combo streaming device.
Flux Atlas makes all audiophile dreams comes true. It is not another DAC with streaming skills

Flux Atlas is brining to life philosophy which collect all modern needs and carefully combining the best points of engineering traditions incarnated in grade electronic components from the market

Some key features:

– Dual AK4497EQ
– Crystek oscillator
– Fully discrete DAC output stage
– Amanero USB, SPDIF, Coaxial, AES, LVDS(I2S) digital inputs
– Raspberry Network Core
– Galvanic Isolation of digital part
– Custom made toroidal transformers
– Furutech inlet
– CMC RCA sockets
– Create Audio Aurum-Rodium fuse
– The ALPS – 4-Chanel motorized japan made volume potentiometer
– Micro USB update port
And many, many other features which will really surprised you

You still have a chance to ask Santa for real present😉
Open for any questions

Always enjoy the music!

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