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  1. thai.bigtel

    I received the Iriy Dac/Amp today thanks to the team at Flux-accoustics and Vitaliy who helped me through my purchase request and made the whole buying experience a pleasure as all went so smooth.
    Within minutes, I had Iriy set up and ready to go this was around 10.45 am this Morning, the time now is 20.00 hrs and I have just come up for air. When people would say they were totally immersed in their listening experience, I had never quite understood what that meant until today.
    The cliche’ of saying you hear your Music as if it was all new again is in this case totally true. I have never heard any of the Genres of Music that I listen to sound so crisp and clear. I won’t pretend that I am a audiophile, as I am just a simple person who does enjoy good sound.
    From what I have here it’s awesome, that’s how I would describe this Amp/Dac. To say I am happy with the purchase would be a understatement. I hope this helps any perspective purchaser who is thinking about buying the Iriy, for what you pay you will be rewarded 10-fold in listening pleasure.
    Once again, thank you, Flux-accoustics for such a great product.
    Best regards to you all
    Terry White.

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