FC-10/FCN-10 Class-A Head-Amplifier / DAC / Streamer

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Streamer DAC with headphone amplifier

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FCN-10 is a modern device for sophisticated owners of high-quality, demanding headphones. The experience gained in previous projects, led us to create a compact in size, but not at the capabilities a “combo device”. The FCN-10 advantageously combines: a high-quality DAC, a streamer and a the same class A powerful amplification circuit design as the gorgeous FA-10 amplifier. Just enjoy streaming services or home content thanks to the high-quality implementation of the digital board and interfaces, combined with unlimited amplification possibilities enclosed in a classic design compact chassis 


  • Class A powerful headphone amplifier
  • Digital section based on dual mono AK4493 (new generation of Premium 32-bit DAC with VELVET SOUND technology)
  • 64-step relay volume control attenuator
  • Amanero USB digital interface
  • DLNA and AirPlay support (via LAN or WiFi)  – FCN version only
  • Female OTG USB C – FC version only
  • Powerful toroidal transformer

Additional information

DAC Frequency Response

20Hz-20Khz, +/-0.1dB, 1Hz-100KHz, -1dB

Analog Output Voltage

Full scale converted 2.6V (RMS)

Output Resistance DAC


Digital inputs

LAN input, up to 384 kHz sampling and up to 32-bit, DSD64, DSD128 (FCN-11 only), USB 2.0 input, up to 384 kHz sampling and up to 32-bit, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (Win only), DSD512 (Win only);



Output power

300Ohm: 1.7W RMS per channel, 32Ohm: 16W RMS per channel, 600Ohm: 1W RMS per channel

DAC Analog outputs

single-ended RCA

Analog inputs

single-ended RCA

Analog outputs

4-pin balanced female XLR headphone out, TRS headphone out

AMP Frequency Response

5Hz-200kHz, -3dB



Input Impedance


Output Impedance



14dB, 20dB, 25.3dB

Power Consumption



EU-230V, US-115V


11.7lbs (5.3kg) without packaging


12.6 x 13.4 x 3.15 inch (320 x 340 x 80 mm)

2 reviews for FC-10/FCN-10 Class-A Head-Amplifier / DAC / Streamer

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    I’m very happy to let you know that I’ve received the unit today!
    The shipping was actually pretty fast :). 6 days from shipping to arrival.
    The unit was delivered in perfect condition, very well packed.
    I set it up and am very happy how easy it was.
    I’m listening through the LAN connection, then casting Spotify from my phone/tablet.
    For reference, I’m listening to Hifiman HE6-SE V2 from Adorama, Focal Elegia, Audeze LCD-X 2021. Variety of pop, rock, jazz, classical.
    The sound is super so far! Very enjoyable and everything I had hoped for.
    Overall sound is clean and natural, detailed yet smooth. Nice weight in the bass and mid bass, rich natural mids, shimmery trebles, high trebles are rolled off just enough to prevent sibilance (compared to ESS Sabre chip dac I have, where it’s slightly sibilant).
    The soundstage seems wider, imaging and layering is pretty clear, everything comes through effortlessly. I tried the HE6 on high and mid gain. I prefer how smooth and linear the mid gain sounds as you turn up the volume pot. The volume gets more than loud enough even at mid gain, at about 1 o’clock, with plenty of room left to go even louder.
    The remote is much nicer than what is pictured on the website. It’s a modern black unit with nice rubbery buttons.
    And the unit itself is breathtaking. Really great looking. It’s awesome that so many colors are available at no upcharge.
    I’m very happy and wanted to thank you for all of your great support throughout the entire process.
    Congratulations on developing such an outstanding product!

  2. omar (verified owner)

    This is by far the best amp/DAC/streamer all-in-one I have owned, it drives all my planar magnetic like the Audeze LCD-4z with absolute control and authority.

    The sound is so sweet from the bass to the mids and highs, this amp brings out all the nuances effortlessly and just enough class-A magic that I also don’t need to use EQ like I did with other amps anymore. From the air around each instrument to the low end everything in between is just magical.

    I’m not very good at describing sound but I will give some of my impressions of this amazing amp combo

    There was no noise on a 15 Ohm pair of Audeze LCD-4z on high gain and max volume (no music playing)… normal listening is on medium gain and the volume knob around set around 11am

    Bass: Tight, hard hitting visceral and extremely controlled

    Mids: very natural with a touch of liquidity and smoothness (it has characteristics of both tube amps and r2r DACs- just amazing)

    Highs: very lifelike and refined with just enough sparkle to not be shouty or sibilant.

    In summary this is the best most affordable combo solution I have ever heard if you just need a one box solution…. endgame status for me and for sure many others, even the DAC implementation is so solid you would think you are listening to a $1500+ DAC alone… add to that a serious 16 watt class-A amplifier and streamer…. Yeah other I’m sure once word gets out of this company I have no doubt it will dominate the market.

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