FA-10 Class-A Headphone Amplifier

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16 Watt headphone amplifier

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Feel the full-range dynamics and control with the new FLUX FA-10. Specially engineered to deal with most hard to drive headphones on market. Just forget about the problem with difficult loads in terms of impedance or power consumption

The market of headphones grows each year. But wide number of great, hard to drive headphones are stayed on the bookshelf. Why!? Because of one problem which is still didn’t solved. When you need a power you should spend a funds . . . a lot of funds. We decided to break that vicious circle. The FA-10 is the refined answer for those who wants to get most powerful and outstanding value headphones amplifier on market for an extremely good value

Class A precision and speed

The FA-10 amplifier circuits are employing J-Fet input stage and Toshiba bipolar transistors at class A mode with a supply voltage of 80 volts of output stage all that features are providing clean transmission for signal up to 16 Watt on 32 Ohm load of output power


Three GAIN modes give you unique flexibility to use the amplifier with a wide range of headphones without loss of sound performance quality

Fine attenuation

High transparency at any volume level and absence of even minimal unbalance of the channels, allows you to get more accurately set the volume level thanks to 64-step relay volume control attenuator

Clean power

Main foundation of the amplifier is a custom made, low-noise powerful toroidal power transformer with a low-noise power supply

Perfect fit

Classic design unit with the milled CNC face panel easily become a decent element of your desktop head-fi system

Additional information

Analog inputs

balanced XLR, single-ended RCA

Analog outputs

4-pin balanced female XLR headphone out, TRS headphone out

AMP Frequency Response

5Hz-200kHz, -3dB

Output power

300Ohm: 1.7W RMS per channel, 32Ohm: 16W RMS per channel, 600Ohm: 1W RMS per channel



Input Impedance

10kOhm (SE input), 3.3kOhm (BAL input)

Output Impedance



14dB, 20dB, 25.3dB

Power Consumption



EU-230V, US-115V


11.2lbs (5.1kg)


12.6 x 13.4 x 3.15 inch (320 x 340 x 80 mm)

9 reviews for FA-10 Class-A Headphone Amplifier

  1. Erik

    I want to write a few words about this headamp.
    I love it the best headamp i ever heard period,and i haved lisend to many in many different pricerange,almost 3-4 times more.
    And this one beat them all ,and i also want to say thank you to Vitalie Sandu from soundnews who told me to wait fore the FA-10 when i told him that i wanted a new headamp and everything in the review is correct i haved the same experince whit this amp.
    And also a big thank you to the Flux Lab Acoustic people they are very serious and know very well what they are doing great people.
    And i will continue following your products,and another thing this other big wellnown headamp manufactors will have to doe some serious thinking now,when they discover Flux Lab out on the market they should do it.
    So Flux Lab keep up the good work you beat them all.

    Just buy it

  2. Christophe (verified owner)

    I just spent a full day with the FA-10 and Hifiman HE6se (DAC used is Chord Mojo). The HE6se is a headset that requires maximum engagement and pushes to turn up the volume, and in this case the FA-10 ensures, it has the juice that is needed for sure, it hits hard, I feel it even in the chest!

    The reverb effects on live performances are startling, and the soundstage can get huge if the recording was intended like this : song from Queen – Love Of My Life (Live at Wembley) was a revelation of how good HE6se can be if very well driven. At the same time the sound is not colorful, it is really balanced and very realistic. When turning up the volume, the sound is never aggressive or tiring, proof again that HE6se is very well driven.

    In short, I do not know what other amps are worth but to make the very difficult Hifiman singing, the Flux is sure to be: $ 750, holy cow, in blind tests the amps at several thousand euros would have hard work for sure.

  3. Tim (verified owner)

    I just received my FA-10 today. My initial impressions are that I made the right decision in picking up this amp and pairing it with the RME ADi-2 DAC FS. I like the slightly warm and musical tone of the FA-10 more so than any other solid state amp I’ve heard. The FA-10 adds body and texture to the music. The dynamics and details are superb. Bass is fast, punchy, deep and hits hard. It even extends down to the sub bass region. I can clearly hear my Susvara’s giving me music down in the sub bass region. The midrange is full, clean and balanced. The treble in my opinion is beautifully implemented. To me, the treble isn’t lacking any clarity at all. The details, extension and air are all there. The treble implementation as far as I can tell allows you freedom of the volume wheel.

    Right now, I doing some listening with the RME, FA-10, and Susvara’s. The FA-10 has no problem driving the Susvara’s. The sound is rich, detailed, full-bodied, clear, and airy. The FA-10 best attributes are on full display with the Susvara’s. It’s the best dedicated solid state headphone amp I’ve heard with them. The FA-10 is so dang musical, I love this amp!

  4. shthomas2 (verified owner)

    I’ve had the FA-10 for about 3 weeks now and am really enjoying it. The sound stage this amp creates is wide and deep; it has a very live, concert hall sound with you in the best seat in the house. To me, the amp is more neutral-bright leaning but not harsh in the treble and the bass is tight and punchy but likely won’t satisfy when listening to very bass heavy music (Hip Hop, EDM, etc) for long periods. I’ve used it with a few different headphones and it’s great listen with great stage, imaging, and a black background it has an effect of seemingly isolating instruments and vocals in a way that enhances the spatial feel of the music I’m listening to.

    With the power and Class-A design, this amp LOVES planars. I had a “wow” moment when I plugged the Audeze LCD-X into the amp. A headphone that I wouldn’t call wide suddenly had stage and sound I hadn’t heard from it before. Many albums have become a somewhat live stage experience and are very enjoyable to listen.

  5. Gordie (verified owner)

    I have an FA-10 amp and am using it with HiFiMan HE1000se and HiFiMan Susvaras, and am really glad I purchased it, just a fantastic amp.

    I’m using it with both HiFiMan HE1000se headphones on the medium gain setting, and HiFiMan Susvaras on high gain.

    Although the HE1000se are technically easy to drive, they really love the power and control from the FA-10, with clean and tight bass, gorgeous tonality all through the frequency spectrum, and a huge sound. With medium gain, I am at about 12 o’clock on the dial with the HE1000s, maybe 12:30 to get to very loud levels.

    The amp powers the Susvaras easily, with control and finesse, and lots of headroom. I only need to go to around 1 o’clock on the dial for loud levels. The headphones still have great detail and warmth at lower levels too. The Susvaras really come alive with the FA-10, with powerful dynamics, a vivid and textured sound, and clean and tight bass.

    The amp is fed from balanced outputs on a Benchmark DAC (padded to about +14dBu/4V), and I also tried it with balanced outputs from an RME DAC at +13dBu which worked really well too.

    The amp is also beautiful, with an elegant and balanced design that really looks fantastic. The controls all feel great as well, especially the super smooth volume pot.

  6. Patrick Mensah

    I am enjoying the FA-10 with my Susvara and LCD-4 immensely. This is one of the best price-to-performance propositions in headphone amplifiers I have owned ever, and i have owned my fair share over several decades. If you’re sitting on the fence, all I would say is stop missing out on the action.

  7. emmanuel.lucstreble (verified owner)

    Actually paired with The Topping D90 DAC, I’m enjoying this beautiful amp very very much! My first feeling about it are : very well balanced, natural, beautiful instrumental timbres and very musical. Sometimes I could feel as if I was in front of a -real – stage! Very impressive, with no excess. Hifiman Arya to listen to it, not so easy to drive but the FA-10 does it very easily. A great unit, sounding wonderfully.

  8. Marc412 (verified owner)

    Bought the unit to use with my HE1000 V2 and Musician Pegasus + Denafrips Iris chain, at 750 dollars you are looking at a very insane price to performance ratio. Unit drives the HE1000 V2 like a champ easily, its basically all the power you’d want from it from the HE1000’s point of view.

    What was immediately noticeable was the massive improvements to bass and instrument separation, it would be the key selling point if someone asks me what is good with the FA-10. It is very pleasant to listen to, and the sound stage created from such clear instrument separation is honestly amazing, best of all, I do not feel fatigued listening to it after 5 hours straight.

    If you own planars and somehow the FA-10’s good points don’t interest you, what other amps could do what it does at that price point? I could not find the answer to that, even at the time of review. The next closest thing I was considering, the Schiit Ragnarok V2, is twice the cost.

    I am very pleased with what I got, I cannot believe there aren’t more people talking about the FA-10. Massive props to Flux Acoustics for making such a great product at an accessible cost, would greatly recommend.

  9. Reto (verified owner)

    It’s a great amp. Powerful and very musical. Works wonderfully with different headphones such as ZMF Atticus, Hifiman Arya. My recent bought, the Meze Empyrean, is just about showing all its beauty. I love it and it gets my highest recommendation. Great stuff รค, congratulations.

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