VOLOT Dual Mono Class-A Headphone Amplifier with Pre-Amp

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16 Watt high-end headphone amplifier / preamplifier

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Versatility and superior sound quality. These are big goals set at the beginning of the journey, creating a powerful amplifier named after the Eastern Slavic mythology in honour of the mythical giants VOLOTs.

VOLOT is an evolution of a state-of-the-art, based on the experience gained in designing high-power, high-end amplifiers for hard to drive headphones capable of satisfying even the most demanding listeners

To ensure the purest and most transparent sound, the amplifier circuitry is built using an output stage based on Toshiba bipolar transistors, while the power supply voltage of the output stage is 80 volts, which can provide an unsurpassed level of dynamics even when working with the complicated load. In this case, the output stage operates in deep class A, which allows transmitting signals of small amplitude with the highest accuracy. The quiescent current value of the output stage is more than 2.5 times higher than that of the “younger” brothers.

The amplifier uses a dual-mono circuit, where two separate power supplies are used, individually for each channel. Two high-quality toroidal transformers with a total power of 160W, together with high-speed rectifier diodes and a capacitive filter with the increased current, allow the amplifier to remain unperturbed in any dynamically loaded moments in a piece of music.

One of the foundations of sound quality is a high-quality implementation of volume control. The VOLOT amplifier uses an array of high-precision signal Premium Swiss relay from TE Connectivity with PdRu + Au contact material in addition to TAKMAN REY series resistors are used at volume control part. That provides high stability and accuracy of adjustment of volume levels, minimizing the level deviation between the left and right channels even at low signal levels.

VOLOT PRE is the product of continuous research, analysis and development, which is implemented in such a way that not even the slightest detail is lost. It has the same properties as the main headphone output – provides a huge sound space, transparency and natural sound.

With the necessary inputs and outputs, including a balanced connection, the device provides maximum flexibility and high-quality sound for your system.

VOLOT PRE is a unique combination of functionality and high-quality sound that benefits from the ultimate in headphone amplification and a high-end preamp section that can complement the highest-end systems.

Additional information

Analog inputs

balanced XLR, single-ended RCA

Analog outputs

2x 3-pin female XLR headphone out, 4-pin balanced female XLR headphone out, RCA Pre out, TRS headphone out, XLR Pre our

AMP Frequency Response

5Hz-200kHz, -3dB

Output power

300Ohm: 1.7W RMS per channel, 32Ohm: 16W RMS per channel, 600Ohm: 1W RMS per channel



Input Impedance

10kOhm (SE input), 3.3kOhm (BAL input)

Output Impedance



High gain – 25.4 dB, High+ gain – 28.7 dB, Low gain – 12.7 dB, Mid gain – 17.9 dB

Output Impedance Preamp

100 Ohm

Power Consumption



EU-230V, US-115V


27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)


17 * 3.9 * 16.5 inch (43.2 * 10.6 * 42.7 cm)

1 review for VOLOT Dual Mono Class-A Headphone Amplifier with Pre-Amp

  1. Serhiy

    The Volot with the Pre-amp module is an excellent device.
    I have mostly been using it as a headphone amp but I’m getting my stereo speaker setup up to par.

    In terms of sound signature this is a reference piece, everything sounds as it was recorded.
    Bass is not elevated, but when it needs to, punches hard. You can also feel the bass frequency vibrations, so it’s not a 1 note bass.
    Mids are forward and voices are real.
    Treble is extended so you hear the real sound of instruments for example strings are as realistic as possible. I definitely feel like I’m in a concert hall, first class (Not necessarily first row) with it.

    Using the Focal Utopia (Some of the most sensitive headphones out there) headphones there is plenty of room with the volume to travel, with 4 gain settings that will deliver the power and volume to any headphones, even the hardest to drive.

    The soundstage and imaging are excellent, it does not go into fake territory, you can still hear all parts and instruments in their solid virtual location. Far and Wide.
    The lack of noise in the sound helps that fact.

    Switching to the Pre-amp section is very quick and it’s a great addition that Volot provides an IR eye for the Remote Control that comes with it. The preamp does not allow changing the gain settings but it is not required as the Volume control is done via a stepped attenuator that allows for volume control that is very precise. I am currently using AudioEngine 5+ powered speakers (But awaiting a big upgrade to my speakers, will post an update later) and with the preamp module it shows the same exact characteristics as I see in my headphones even with the huge price difference between the speakers and the headphones.

    Watching movies, it’s easy to forget that you’re at Home instead of at the Cinema.
    With Excellent Control of the drivers for all parts of the frequency that the speakers can provide.

    I highly recommend this amplifier for everything that it does! 11/10

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