VOLOT Dual Mono Class-A Headphone Amplifier

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16 Watt high-end headphone amplifier

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Versatility and superior sound quality. These are big goals set at the beginning of the journey, creating a powerful amplifier named after the Eastern Slavic mythology in honour of the mythical giants VOLOTs.

VOLOT is an evolution of a state-of-the-art, based on the experience gained in designing high-power, high-end amplifiers for hard to drive headphones capable of satisfying even the most demanding listeners

To ensure the purest and most transparent sound, the amplifier circuitry is built using an output stage based on Toshiba bipolar transistors, while the power supply voltage of the output stage is 80 volts, which can provide an unsurpassed level of dynamics even when working with the complicated load. In this case, the output stage operates in deep class A, which allows transmitting signals of small amplitude with the highest accuracy. The quiescent current value of the output stage is more than 2.5 times higher than that of the “younger” brothers.

The amplifier uses a dual-mono circuit, where two separate power supplies are used, individually for each channel. Two high-quality toroidal transformers with a total power of 160W, together with high-speed rectifier diodes and a capacitive filter with the increased current, allow the amplifier to remain unperturbed in any dynamically loaded moments in a piece of music.

One of the foundations of sound quality is a high-quality implementation of volume control. The VOLOT amplifier uses an array of high-precision signal Premium Swiss relay from TE Connectivity with PdRu + Au contact material in addition to TAKMAN REY series resistors are used at volume control part. That provides high stability and accuracy of adjustment of volume levels, minimizing the level deviation between the left and right channels even at low signal levels.


Additional information

Analog inputs

balanced XLR, single-ended RCA

Analog outputs

2x 3-pin female XLR headphone out, 4-pin balanced female XLR headphone out, TRS headphone out

AMP Frequency Response

5Hz-200kHz, -3dB

Output power

300Ohm: 1.7W RMS per channel, 32Ohm: 16W RMS per channel, 600Ohm: 1W RMS per channel



Input Impedance

10kOhm (SE input), 3.3kOhm (BAL input)

Output Impedance



High gain – 25.4 dB, High+ gain – 28.7 dB, Low gain – 12.7 dB, Mid gain – 17.9 dB

Power Consumption



EU-230V, US-115V


27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)


17 * 3.9 * 16.5 inch (43.2 * 10.6 * 42.7 cm)

10 reviews for VOLOT Dual Mono Class-A Headphone Amplifier

  1. thomasjngo (verified owner)

    If you have a Susvara, buy this and never look back. I was a little skeptical as to how much better amplification would actually improve the sound, but I am utterly speechless at the difference it made. The soundstage, separation, and dynamics opened up immediately, and the sound has this great smoothness without any loss in detail or clarity. It’s like I’m listening to a different headphone now.

  2. aibek59 (verified owner)

    Наушники Dan Clark Audio Stealth, великолепно с Волот!

  3. vess1an (verified owner)

    Headphone amp that can challenge Susvara users

    The immersion of volot and susvara after warming up is unparalleled.

    At some point, I stop judging and fall into the music.

    Fa-10 is a kind of trial version 🙂

  4. Christopher Valdez (verified owner)

    End of the line. If you are a die hard audiophile the Volot is your answer. The sound is best described as extremely refined yet all powerful, no other amps come close. This amp shows what your headphone was meant to sound like.


    Best SS amplifier I’ve eve had. if you want and endgame headphone amp, just buy it and don’t look back. The only problem is that now I’ll have to look for a Susvara.

  6. Adrian Musson (verified owner)

    The best amplifier that I’ve ever owned. I can’t stop smiling when I’m listening to my HD800 headphones through this amp. So musical, so natural, warm music sounds warm, intimate music is intimate, spacious music has space. Well done Fluxlab – this one is a keeper

  7. bertollini mauro (verified owner)

    I have had the Volot for about 10 days but own many other amps, both solid state and tube. The Volot is the most powerful and refined amp you could wish for for the Abyss and Susvara. This last one sounds wonderfully good, iron fist. in velvet glove. The best solid state amp on the market currently at a very low price for the refinement of the circuit, the components and the sound.

  8. Marco Ocera (verified owner)

    I use Volot to drive my Susvara and it does damn well better than anything I’ve heard including integrated speaker amplifiers.
    So refined and powerful, energetic and with the largest and most illuminated stage
    Volot for me is the end game.
    This gem will drive all your headphones like you’ve never heard them before.
    Congratulations to the guys from Flux.

  9. remain66 (verified owner)

    FA-10 to VOLOT, when I put on my HE6 and set the high gain+, HOLY SHIT…!
    If you have this AMP, you are already building your hi-end system. I’m running out of adjectives to compliment it.

  10. Stephen (verified owner)

    The Volot is awesome, the best amp I’ve heard. It’s powerful, punchy and dynamic, but subtle and nuanced at the same time. It also has the widest soundstage I’ve heard in a headphone amp. A fantastic achievement, thank you Flux Labs!

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