FA-12S Class-A Head-Amplifier / Pre-Amp

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Class-A headphone amplifier

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FLUX FA-12S is the unique design headphone amplifier called to deliver great flexibility of your head-fi system with the engaging character of the sound which will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated listeners


  • Class A
  • JFET inputs
  • MOSFET outputs
  • 64-step relay volume control attenuator
  • Premium components: Nichicon, TAKMAN, NIPPON, FUJITSU-TAKAMISAWA etc.
  • Powerful toroidal transformer

* Face panel colour option is available under the request

Additional information

Analog inputs

balanced XLR, single-ended RCA

Analog outputs

4-pin balanced female XLR headphone out, single-ended RCA preamp, TRS headphone out

AMP Frequency Response

1Hz-1MHz, -3dB

Output power

16Ohm : 2W RMS per channel, 32Ohm : 1W RMS per channel






>110dB, unweighted


>95dB, 20 Hz-20KHz

Output Impedance


Input Impedance

10kOhm (SE input), 3.3kOhm (BAL input)

Output Resistance Preamp

RCA 50Ohm


15.1dB, 23.9dB, 3.5dB

Power Consumption



EU-230V, US-115V


9 lbs (4.1 kg)


12.6 x 11 x 3.15 inch (320 x 280 x 80 mm)

2 reviews for FA-12S Class-A Head-Amplifier / Pre-Amp

  1. WR (verified owner)

    I took a chance on this fine amp after seeing Z-Reviews positive comments online. I have been a musician and audio enthusiast nearly my entire life (of 66 years). I am accustomed to the sound of high quality audio gear, and have recently gone down the headphone rabbit hole. I have Sennheiser HD600 and Audeze LCD-X headphones. As I have a large CD/SACD collection, I run a Sony XA5400ES CD/SACD player digital out to an RME ADI-2 DAC and then into the headphone amp. I can only directly compare the Flux FA-12S to the Drop THX-789 amp, and to my ears the Flux amp easily outclasses the THX amp in every meaningful audio way. The Flux has a fuller, more pleasing/organic sound from top to bottom, while maintaining a very solid clean, crisp, crystal clear presentation (without undue treble harshness), with no noise that I can notice. I’m sure there are better amps out there (for MUCH more money), but this amp pleases me completely. It has a terrific build quality and overall look (I got the blue front plate, very nice indeed), and the optional remote volume control works very well for me (now a slim black remote, updated from the one seen in the online video review). It also has plenty of power on tap for me…the highest I can raise the volume control using the LCD-X’s (without my head exploding- I hate that) is around 1-o’clockish on the “high” output setting. The rear preamp RCA outs are a welcome addition as well- great flexibility indeed.
    Kudos to Flux for offering such a wonderful sounding, beautifully made headphone amp at such a reasonable price. Very Highly Recommended!

  2. seboemer (verified owner)

    It is an smooth sounding amp in a good way its musical and also detailed and has a lowend punch and crispy top,no harshness in the treble.
    Icant think of any better amps out there fore 500usd its higly recomended its a great amp also powerfull.

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