FA-12 Balanced Class-A Head-Amplifier

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True balanced headphone amplifier

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FLUX FA-12 is the true balanced topology headphone amplifier called to deliver warm, engaging character of the sound which will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated listeners


  • Fully balanced topology
  • Class A
  • JFET inputs
  • MOSFET outputs
  • 64-step relay volume control attenuator
  • Premium components: Nichicon, TAKMAN, NIPPON, FUJITSU-TAKAMISAWA etc.
  • Powerful toroidal transformer

Additional information

Analog inputs

balanced XLR, single-ended RCA

Analog outputs

4-pin balanced female XLR headphone out, TRS headphone out

AMP Frequency Response

1Hz-1MHz, -3dB

Output power

300Ohm: 360mW RMS per channel (balanced mode), 32Ohm: 2600mW RMS per channel (balanced mode), 50Ohm: 1700mW RMS per channel (balanced mode)






>110dB, unweighted


>95dB, 20 Hz-20KHz

Output Impedance


Input Impedance

10kOhm (SE input), 20kOhm (BAL input)


High – 29.9dB (balanced mode), Low – 9.5dB (balanced mode), Mid – 21.1dB (balanced mode)

Power Consumption



AU-240V, EU-230V, US-115V


11.2lbs (5.1kg)


12.6 x 13.4 x 3.15 inch (320 x 340 x 80 mm)

4 reviews for FA-12 Balanced Class-A Head-Amplifier

  1. Someone

    Worst review of history incoming.
    Buy the amp.

    Thank me later.

    Now for real, I’ve also been there, looking at measurements at asr, believing good amps serve music in an operating room.

    This amp has made me sing, dance, smile and cry in one session.

    Very engaging, open sound, big instrument separation, soundstage and depth like in a concert hall.

    If you listen to music, this is it.

    End game.

  2. Honeypot (verified owner)

    Since the very beginning you notice a change in sound. The presentation it’s somehow soften, not so forward (in you face) type of sound, like many analytical amps do.
    The response seems even through the entire spectrum, allowing you to listen with great detail every instrument being played, without distractions.

    The highs seems a bit rolled of on first listen. But it’s nothing like that. Highs are crystal clear, allowing to hear all the details, but recreated with huge refinement.
    Mids are a bit forward, which gives the voices a great and welcome pronunciation making it sound best with some headphones. (Love class A).
    The bass is controlled and resolved with great detail. It punches and extend to the sub bass without becoming boomy.

    Over all, the sonic experience it’s the best I have had with an amp. It allows you to listen through the mixes with great resolution, detail and separation between instruments.

    After a good 20min listening, the amp warms up, and presents itself as a very engaging type of amp, making you feel. Makes you wanna dance or bob your head.

    This is a refined machine, playing music to its excellence, made to people who loves music.

    Totally recommended

  3. LilApple (verified owner)

    So I do not even know where to start, I compared this amp to my thx amp and it did not lose out in detail to it. This amp is the definition of that pleasing class-a warmth and it matches perfectly with a delta-sigma dac. It even made my hd800 have thumpy bass like I never heard before and it removed some of those sibilant highs that everyone hates. It even measures suprisingly well for a class-a.

    So to sum it up in two words…


  4. Massimiliano (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a solid state amplifier for some time, I wanted something that wasn’t clinical, that presented the music in a refined way, something that didn’t make me want to turn on my more expensive tube amplifier.
    I’ve been tempted by the Fluxlab products, read many positive reviews but always felt they were too good to be true: how can a $800 amp possibly sound as good as they say?
    Eventually I bit the bullet, and couldn’t be happier. The FA-12 has exceeded my expectations: it’s well built, has a great volume pot and good solid connectors, is quiet in use and even nicer than in the pictures…the silver faceplate is gorgeous. It can drive my Empyrean and HD800s easily, producing a classy sound with natural timbre and credible stage. It hasn’t got the magic mids of my tube amplifier but has a blacker background, a solid bass and, most important, I can use it every day for many hours without concerns about the lifespan of expensive tubes!

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